Our firm starts to work at stationary sector in 1968.
Our firm has wide products range especially writing board and cork board and such as drawing tables, wood desk organizer, teaching set, display and duster varieties .
It became a leader firm of the sector thanks to quality of our service and quality of products that we produces.
We also carry out exportation with active workings and presentation movements at foreign bazaars at the same time, not only domestic.
For the necessity of increase the quality of Turkish goods, we sustain AR-GE studies at high level and in such a way that scheduled

Akyazi isnot only working actively in Turkish market but also pursuing the promotional activities in the foreign markets and showing its existence in the international field by exporting to 22 countries besides making all necessary operations to introduce Turkish product and its Quality in the new markets
Akyazi making expanding operations of the factory built in Habipler so as to give their customers beter service and redound the production capacity is now making prodcution in the area of 3000 m2.After the completion of the factory expanding operations, it will go on serving with an area of 5800 m2 in total which consists of a covered area of 4800 m2 and an open space of 1000 m2.

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